Swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool lighting

How do you light a swimming pool

Swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool lighting is one of the most important factors in getting the best appearance of the swimming .pool

Through the multiplicity of colors provided by many types of lighting,

Which gives the water attractive natural colors to show the pool in the most beautiful form

But there are conditions and specifications for the types of lighting used,

In terms of the quality of the searchlight and the methods of its installation,

taking all precautions and working with them according to the principles of the industry.

It is preferable to carry out all work under the supervision of a swimming pool company

Intensity of illumination

The intensity of illumination underwater must take into account the appropriate distribution per meter of water,

Where the headlights are installed on the longitudinal sidewalls of the swimming pool.

Lighting unit specifications

.Lighting units are made of certain materials with high resistance to chemicals

There are many types of them, and you may find their prices high, and increase the cost of swimming pools, and this is due to the raw materials used in their manufacture.

Due to its use in water that always needs treatment,

With continuous chemicals and periodic maintenance to ensure that it can be used for swimming without harming people.

There are halogen bulbs of all kinds.

As its use has become a little new and maybe almost non-existent due to the excessive consumption of electricity and its shelf life,

Most importantly, the disadvantages are the appearance of LED bulbs, which have many advantages.

Including lower consumption of electricity and longer life in use,

What is more, and most importantly, is the possibility of multiple colors, as they are available in many attractive colors.

Installation specifications

Where should pool lights be placed?

According to the many studies in the construction of swimming pools,

as well as the international code for the use of underwater lighting,

It is recommended that the place to install the lighting unit is at least 50 cm away.

From the surface of the swimming pool, there is a box for collecting wires.

20 cm from the edge of the pool,

It is fixed with the marble part or outside the landscaping.

It is also a type specially made for swimming pools, as it is made of certain and insured materials.

The current is 12 volts using a transformer from 220 volts to 12 volts,

It is installed in the equipment room, and the wires are extended from the room to the searchlight.

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