swimming and the coronavirus

swimming and the coronavirus

swimming and the coronavirus

swimming and the coronavirus


,Swimming and the Coronavirus are important things that many people wonder about

Especially with the desire of many to practice swimming or the hobby of swimming, whether in swimming

,pools or the seas and the like

,Many fear that the new Corona virus may be transmitted in swimming pools

.Therefore, at New House Pool Company, we clean and sanitize the pools completely for added protection

Sterilization and cleaning of bathrooms

Hygiene and safety standards are one of the most important things that we care about in New House Pool because the safety of our valued customers is our mission that we pay attention to in the first place, we do the following

Cleaning the swimming pools completely and making sure that they are free of any dirt or dust.

Do all maintenance work for the sewage of swimming pools, as it is one of the factors that pollute the bathrooms.

Chlorine and other strong substances are used to remove any types of bacteria or viruses from the water.

Sterilizing swimming pools before using them is one of the important things that we provide to you to protect against the Corona virus.

The materials that are used kill all kinds of harmful microorganisms that are in the water.

We provide all safety and security standards in the use of materials that do not harm human health.

It also does not leave any trace in the water that causes any of the diseases to humans

Is there a relationship between swimming and the Coronavirus

All the studies that have been conducted in this regard indicate that no evidence has been discovered to indicate that the Coronavirus is transmitted between humans through water, whether it is water games, swimming pools, etc

.While there are many diseases and harmful bacteria that can spread between humans and each other

.This is in case the bathrooms are not sanitized and cleaned

Therefore, we fully take into account this task in our company, New House Pool, and provide all factors of protection and safety for customers,

.By choosing the best materials that are safe to remove harmful bacteria and prevent their transmission

The use of ozone to sterilize bathrooms

New House Pool provides a lot of modern and advanced technologies in sterilizing bathrooms from viruses, chlorine is not enough to exterminate all types of viruses, while this technology is characterized by the following:

The distinctive crystal color that differs from the color of yellow chlorine.
The field of germicidal in this technique is very wide.

Ozone is colorless and odorless, unlike any other disinfectant and cleaning agent.

Its activity exceeds chlorine in getting rid of fungi, algae and various types of sediments.

Its cost is somewhat lower than chlorine.
In addition to all these advantages, it has not been proven to have any harm to human health.

Can coronavirus be transmitted in swimming pools?

As we mentioned, water in itself does not represent a danger in transmitting the Corona virus, but the danger is all in the vicinity of swimming pools, as they are filled with surfaces that a person infected with the virus can touch.

It is even possible that he does not show any symptoms, and here the virus is transmitted easily in the event that a healthy person comes into contact with this surface, so we are not satisfied with sterilizing bathrooms only and water.

Rather, we completely sterilize the surrounding surfaces with the best sterilization and disinfection materials to remove any viruses or bacteria, and get rid of any danger that this virus may be transmitted through, in order to provide the highest level of protection for our valued customers.

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